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    I'm in a continuous loop of replacements now that my original Treo 180's speaker died a week and a half ago. I'm on replacement 2 with number 3 in the works (in only a week and a half!) I've asked for a new 180 but as they have discontinued them they don't know if they have any to send. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the refurbished units and if that's what I get I'm looking to switch phones. I've looked at other options but none of them appeal to me like the Treo (features not perfomance). So I'm thinking about getting a 270 and would like to know if the 270 is a more reliable model. I've seen numerous posts about problems with the 270 but also that they have been better as of late. Is the reception any better than the 180? With T-Mobile offering the 270 soon I might even get a decent price on it.
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    I was using a Treo 180, now I'm on a 270. I have access to all versions of the Treo because of my work.

    The network connection doesn't seem different, neither does reception quality. But I would never go back to a 180 just because of the 270's color display and backlit keyboard. Makes it so much easier to use it in the dark. Also, the battery life seems to be slightly longer with the 270.

    Plus, I had to replace my 180 once because of a software failure (kept freezing, even with no apps installed). No problems so far with the 270.
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    I had my 180 replaced 3 times. Then I purchased a 270 and I'm still using the same unit. It's been more than 4 months now.

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