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    my palm desktop had an expense icon on it but there is none on my treo 270, how to load this software, i tried to load the original cd included on the pacakge but still there is no expense function on it. Where can i get that function?

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    Strange, because my Treo 270 came with an Expense app pre-installed.
    Due to successive hardware failures, my Treo was replaced by reconditioned or new devices five times (direct from Handspring or the retailer I initially bought it from) and Expense was pre-installed on each machine.
    You should check with whoever sold you your device…
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    If your device has been upgraded with the gprs patch it may have been moved from having a displayed icon in your launcher but apparently still resides in the rom of your treo. See the link below:
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    thanks millerhiffi, it installed the expense function using the link that you gave me. More power.


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