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    Does anyone know exactly what psysLaunchDB is, Saved_Preferences, NetworkDB, Datebk3HDB, and LauncherDB. By default, they are created upon sync. What EXACTLY do they do or contain or how they are changed is a mystery to me. I am trying to figure out conflicts within treo by doing hard resets and reinstalling software one by one to figure out some problems.

    One BIG problem I am trying to figure out is how to stop treo from randomly changing the ringtones after hardresets. Sometimes the Known Caller ID Tone stays as we designated with a custom ringtone, but sometimes the Unknown Caller ID Tone randomly goes to a default system ringtone (even if all my custom ringtones are still embedded on my system, obviosly since they show up on the list and play).

    I have try randomly to uninstall and reinstall the files listed above to see if they affect the random ringtones after just warm resets, and sometimes they do, but nothing SPECIFIC enough yet. I'm in need of some answers from anyone that can solve this particular issue.

    One way that USUALLY (not always) work is leaving ringo installed, however it conflicts with some other sw (i think its AIM), so i uninstall ringo once i sync my custom ringtones into the system radio.

    Maybe I'm behind on this topic, or maybe its buried under some other thread. Any thing leading to the resolution of this problem would be greatly appreciated! Will pay you tuesday for a burger today!
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    Ringo and Saved Prefs files are the only ones to worry about. Saved Prefs contains the system and application defaults for your whole Treo. Saved Prefs is often the cause of major woes. I think Ringo is problematic and much prefer to use the caller ID link to a ringtone that the association to a ringtone feature of Ringo. You are asking for trouble if you let Ringo search your addresses and then play a ringtone - it takes too long and causes delays in caller ID. It also seems not to play well with other apps. I use Ringo only to move tones around but never for association with names.

    If you have problems on your Treo, nuking your Saved Prefs os a good idea so long as you have a record of any serial numbers and usernames you need to re-register software. The registrations are typically encrypted and stored in this file.
    hard reset the Treo or else use a file manager to remove the file and dont forget to delete the copy on your PC too in the backup sub-folder of your user directory. You will lose a bunch of default settings but will gain the peace of mind that your device is starting from scratch.

    PS if you run AfterBurner or any other accelerator you are asking for trouble too on a telephony device.
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    Ahh...let me test this theory. I was wondering where the programs register their install information onto the system. I will test this out and get back to you if this works. May lead to a hack! Thanks

    ok, TESTED, did not solve my problem. There has to be another file embedded on a system file or on the physical memory itself that is keeping some registration information from addon sw.

    Can anyone explain these files and what they contain and how they work?:

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