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    Kewl, so is this just theory then? No one seems to have actually seen them in color, they just suspect that they can be.
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    Take a look at this link:

    Skip down to the heading "Web Clipping Improvements". A long time ago someone, somewhere complained that Handspring's products didn't have OS4. Someone responded along the lines of "It doesn't matter, the only thing OS4 brought was support for memory expansion which Handspring already built-in to their customized version of 3.5)." At which point I responded with the above link. No doubt about it, especially for us wireless folks who can appreciate the value of web clipping, OS4 brought some new, neat stuff and we're missing out by Handspring not supporting it.

    For those too lazy to read the docs I linked to, here are some of the highlights:
    1) Color support.
    2) Cookie support.
    3) Ability to download binary files.
    4) Ability to get other and/or more detailed location network from carriers other than Mobitex (it doesn't specify which networks support this, however, so this may or may not be worth anything to Treo 300 users).

    Sadly, I'd imagine that Handspring would rather that we didn't use web clipping anyway, and use Blazer instead for everything since Blazer is their product and web clipping is Palm's. That said, I'm actually a bit surprised that when Palm started dividing up their company, the web clipping technology and back-end proxy server didn't go to the Palm Solution Group instead of staying with PalmSource, since it's really optimized for the VII and i705 (because of the neat ability to guess at the user's current zip code location using Mobitex's tower info).

    I say we all barrage Handspring with emails telling them to try and support web clipping or, maybe, come up with their own version of it. I believe Hawkins was behind the original idea anyway while he was still with Palm (I think the VII was his last creation). Web clipping fits much better into the Palm zen than web browsing does, too, which further surprises me that he opted to purchase Blazer rather than go with web clipping (or something similar).

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    Originally posted by jmunguia
    Has anyone been successful with the yodlee pqa? I get "inet 1410" errors with the production servers and "not supported" errors with the development servers. I thought it worked once but perhaps I as dreaming.

    Another possiblity is a direct wap access to the yodlee site. Does anyone know what thay may be? They have access for wap phones so I suspect the connection to gets re-directed when they realize you are on a wap phone. When I tried with blazer on the treo I get the normal site which requires javascript.

    Thanks, -Juan
    I looked into this as I found the service interesting. This is what I received from support regarding the mobile site:

    "Yodlee is committed to providing you with quality, reliable service. We
    require all sites and features to maintain reliability standards.
    Periodically, we validate that our sites are performing to a specific
    quality level. Sites and features that do not meet our quality standards are
    removed for further evaluation.

    As a result of this process, we regret to inform you that we will no longer
    able to offer the Yodlee2Go feature. We have removed this option from our

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support of Yodlee."
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