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    I got my Treo 300 thru a $150.00 rebate from them and a $50.00 from Sprint. Guess what? I spent hours copying phone bill, invoices, upc labes, all originals and sent them off on time, to the right addresses, on the right forms and u guessed it. Sprint now has no record of receiving my request (Couldn't they tell just by looking at their records, surely they keep some kind of records) and Amazon tells me I have to send them more info on the purchase of my Nokia phone? This is a giant PIA. The game is, keep the customer so tied up he misses the rebate date, or they get to use the money as long as possible? This is senseless. Why go thru all this BS? Just price the thing and forget all these rebates. There, I feel much better. Be sure and send your stuff to them return receipt requested or better... later....... out!
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    One of the general principles behind rebates is that they are counting that a large percentage of people will never send them in. That's fine until those of us who do junp through all of the hoops still get screwed...

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