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    Well.... I just got the Treo 300 and am now loading it up with the fun stuff..... software! Trying to decide on a stock app. i have narrowed it down to three. Midcast by, stock manager or Yahoo mobile quotes. Any recommendations? Suggestions?

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    I've been using Stock Manager for years. You can check it out at Tiny Stocks

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    Does stock manager work with GPRS or just dial up?
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    It will use whatever connection you have. Prior to my Treo 300, it would connect to their server when I would HotSync. Now, I just connect press update stocks...and it updates my poor-folio.

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    Well....... I tried out both MidCast and Stock manger and settled on Midcast soley because of the streaming. i got an unlimited data plan and I mostly trade Naz stocks so I think it should work fine. i do like stock manager features but because i live in an airport (Atlanta specifically... need a good place to eat in the T gates? just ask me...), Midcast will work fine.

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