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    Hey folks,

    I went to the AIM site and found THIS .

    Now you can pay for a standalone version of AIM - 1.1. I imagine it's a bugfix from 1.0.

    Has anyone purchased this? Is it crash-free now?

    Thanks in advance.
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    this is just an observation since i use what was the free version of AIM though i still believe its 1.1, and i also do not use aol for palm. however, the link you put up shows a 2 star rating out of five, hardly encouraging. the talk about aol for palm around here has been pretty positive, as opposed to just aim. that way you get aol mail also.

    i have used aim since day 1 (maybe day 2) and never had a problem with it. i don't use it constantly so maybe if i used it more i would have more trouble.

    either way, i deeply resent paying for software that they give away to pc users...
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