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    AS always thanks for all the great info~!

    Here is my report on the TREO 300 and what I have up and running (mainly thanks to all of your help)...

    I bought the TREO 300 at Staples, didnt get the best deal $499 with 50 dollar rebate from Sprint. So net out of pocket is $449.
    I signed up for Sprint PCS service, 500 minutes cell useage, and unlimited data. I wanted to get only 300 minutes of peak time, but the representative at Sprint gave me some erroneous information and told me that although data was unlimited it would count towards my minutes (which was untrue)..

    In any case, set up was pretty easy. After a little help from people here I have the following working..

    AOL For PDAS- can check existing mail accounts on AOL and send instant messages. It also has buttons for news, sports etc, which work with the web clipping ap..

    Mobile Web internet v1.6- Needed this so followed instructions on the page from GoldDave is it? Loaded it and have webclipping that will work even when there is no AOL on, for news , sports, and checking pda news... -- ONE question why is this is black and white? thought it was color? Or do I have to upgrade from what was on Daves site?

    Chessmaster- light color version. Works great and is in color, I finally beat the damn computer. Had an initial small setup problem , where couldnt install files from unzipped directory had to copy to desktop. They were great in customer service, emailed me the same day and so I highly recommend them

    cspotrun- Downloaded this free ebook reader from the pdabookstore someone recommended here. - Works nice, and is free. Just curious again, is this just black and white? or is there a color version or some other TREO 300 compatible ebook viewer that is in color? any recommendations? any that also read adobe files?

    Zoskware- Hourspro and Expensepro- installed and upgraded automatically from my palm desktop, its a great, and very simple time and expense program I highly recommend. Its helped me pay for my previous palm 3 times over by capturing client time and allowing me to bill them for time I usually miss... (

    Loan Expert Amortization program- works nice computes mortgage payments, interest and principal paid, and can view amortization schedules on loans..

    L3 Financial planner- Sofware loaded fine, for some reason this program that is supposed to be TReo compatible, does not recognize the numbers typed on a treo 300 by using the blue button and then selecting the number. It doesnt recognize the keystrokes so I cant use the unlock code or the program, I have emailed them about the problem but have not heard back yet...

    Blazer- Comes with the Treo as you all know. I like it a lot, just wish It could be Java enabled. Cant use many things like accessing bank account etc until it is. However thanks to all of you I have tons of mobile ready site portals to access tons of info in color...

    yahoo mobile

    and a few others...

    Hardware and Cell phone- Havent really had any problems to speak of. Coverage here in South- Central CT seems excellent, not one dropped call, and great clarity. Both cell and data connections seem to work excellent Right now my goals of having a cell phone, access to email, my time and expense, and access to news and the internet have all been met. Im still looking forward to a good ebook reader and adding a few more programs. I cant tell you how valuable you answers here , most contained in archives have been!

    Minuses? Sprint and Handspring tech support seems to be spotty at best, most dont even have a phone in front of them or really know very much.

    Just a note with each post to thank all of you for ALL the great info on this site!
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    Marty, a couple of things:

    1) If you're still within Staple's return period, I would go back and try to get them to price-match the current Best Buy deal ($500 - $200 instant rebate for new activations - $50 Sprint mail-in rebate).

    2) I believe that color support in web clipping apps was added as part of OS4. A while back someone asked about OS4 and people replied saying that OS4 offered nothing new. This is untrue. OS4 included several small but useful improvements to web clipping and it's unfortunate that we can't get OS4 on the Treo.

    3) When you say "Java" I'm betting you mean "JavaScript". Try Xiino, which offers some JavaScript support.


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