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    Is it possible to change the ringtone for Treo SMS? I get a beep beep and piercing tone everytime I get an SMS.

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    nope. I wish i could do this too...
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    I was just going to post about this- I wasn't sure if the piercing tone was from sms notification or from the treo trying to connect to the web. I get a sort of "bong-bong" sound then the awful piercing sound- like feedback or something. The only time I was getting sms was to notify me of new e-mails on sprint business connection. I turned off the notification alert and the actual sms message doesn't come through but I still get the piercing tone..... Kind of annoying.. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

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    I too get the feedback screech with any new SMS or page alert. On a positive note, it does ensure that I don't miss those...
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    Sorry to bust your bubble guys but my brother had the same issue and when he went to sprint they told him it was a defective unit. And after searching this board extensively I found out that handspring had 2 batches and the ones with this problem was the first batch. I just want to ask you guys a question about your treo. Are you guys able to unscrew your treos antenna?
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    I bought mine at MicroCenter. I have the protection plan. Should I return it? Should I contact Sprint? What is supposed to happen with the SMS tone? Everything else with my Treo seems to be working fine. Anyone else return their Treo.

    You should have the ability to customize the ringtone. Maybe that's a PDApp's request for the next version.
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    Has anyone found a hack to make the SMS tone more noticeable? I'd really like to make the SMS notification as annoying as possible, but I haven't found a utility or hack to do this. My Treo politely beeps twice and vibrates, but that's about it. Where do you set the SMS tone/volume?
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    Allows you to change SMS tones, according to default plus 9 additional configurable triggers, on your Sprint Treo 300.

    Since we use SMS alerts for critical system outages, mine is the most annoying noisy tone I can find.
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    Originally posted by Bagbklyn
    Are you guys able to unscrew your treos antenna?
    I have the feedback screech, but my antenna is not unscrewable. And since SMS is kinda worthless (my judgment), the screech doesn't bother me.

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