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    For troubleshooting problems with web or mail clients (or servers), or to just find out what kinds of data munging are done by man-in-the-middle proxy servers of the sort used on Sprint's PCS Vision network, it's useful to be able to telnet to raw TCP ports and manually interact with servers.

    Unfortunately, none of the six telnet/SSH apps for the Palm OS that I'm aware of are a completely-working solution for this. I thought I'd post my findings upon trying to interact with my webserver (well, indirectly -- the direct communication is with Sprint's man-in-the-middle WebProxy server) with the various apps, on my Treo 300.

    I put the results in my new Palm OS Terminal Apps Buying Guide. It's also potentially useful for people looking for an app to connect to a telnet or SSH server, rather than to raw TCP ports.

    This guide joins my existing Palm OS Email Apps Buying Guide (formerly called, somewhat misleadingly, "Treo Email Apps Buying Guide").
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    I just updated my Palm OS Terminal Apps Buying Guide. I emailed the guys at PlushWorks to ask about their decimated web site, and the author of Pocketerm sent me the latest version, R6 (previously-available version was R2). While I had more luck with it than with R2 talking to port 80, it repeatedly freezed up my Treo, requiring soft resets.

    Also, I added to the table the results of some additional testing I did with the telnet apps that are able to successfully talk to port 80. I found that they aren't able to complete GETs of largish files. After roughly 36K, data streams would just stop, despite the fact that I could successfully download the same file (all in one shot) with Blazer, EudoraWeb, and Xiino.
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    Updated my guide, adding Mark/Space Online, with which I was previously unfamiliar.

    Also updated a few of the applications' "Treo keyboard support" entries to note when they can use the standard Palm OS onscreen keyboard to type some of the ListType-generated characters.
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    I appreciate your hard work and find both of your guides to be very useful.

    Thank you!
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    Just updated my Palm OS Terminal Apps Buying Guide. Added a "Copy & paste" column.

    This was prompted by needing to copy a URL out of a Mocha Pocket Telnet window to paste into Xiino or Blazer, and realizing that this wasn't possible. Interestingly, TG ssh is the only Palm OS terminal app with standard copy & paste abilities.

    Mark/Space Online is the only other one that comes close, with the limitation that you can only copy the entire screen (annoying if you want to copy and paste a URL since you'll have to do substantial editing of the copy buffer prior to having a browser go to the URL).

    A couple of other apps, Pocketerm and ptelnet, have paste-only capability. Both of them have the ability to log the session to Memo Pad, so if you were doing that you could copy a URL (or other text) out of the log after disconnecting.

    The balance of the apps have neither copy nor paste.

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