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    I've called Sprint, I've emailed PDA apps over and over but still no solution! I can't get my SMS messaging to work more than 25% of the time. It works for a day and doesn't work for a week; a day/a week. I'm so frustrated that I can't figure out this thing. If anyone has more than passing knowledge of this application-please email me so I can describe the problem in detail and get this thing working. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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    You need to describe what "doesn't work." Can you send?, Can you receive?, Can you send a short mail message to yourself? If you are not receiving short mail messages, are they in your short mail message store on your Vision (Sprint) home page?

    Saying "it doesn't work" doesn't give anyone enough to help you in the right direction. FYI, typically these problems are because of Sprint not Treo300SMS.

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