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    I am looking for games that are extremely replayable for my Treo. Can anyone help me with a list of ones they find time and time again to come back to? For example, I have been trying to beat my timed hi score on Bejeweled, and I haven't been able to get bored of it for ages now. (btw, my high score is 19,780. can anyone beat that?)
    Tetris is always a replayable classic. Atomsmash is replayable.
    Can someone help me find more? I am interested in all types of games.
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    I have had my prism for almost a year now and have owned a visor since the solo came out. The following is a list of games that I keep on my prism or I take off and I put them back on because of the coolness.

    3D Starfighter Pilot: The coolest game that I have played on the my prism looks good on my wife's edge too. It is a 3 dimensional space game. Very cool.

    Aala: A breakout/archanoid clone that is free. Has elements of all of the games in one. Monsters, special bricks, power ups etc.

    IMR Bombers: A Bomberman clone that is very colorful and has powerups just like the original. You duel with the computer.

    Crossword4: A free scrabble clone nuff said.

    Patience Revisited: A free solitaire game with many games in one.

    Pac Man: Arcade gaming in your pocket.

    Liberty: Gameboy emulator for palm. Simply the best. Beats Phoenix is worth the money!!! You can set the colors besides the black and white. Works with pen input is configurable for each rom and has limited sound support. Overclocking is not necessary because of frame skipping.

    Also to increase your score in Bejeweled try this cheat in this thread:
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    Bubblet and Text Twist are my faves. I've played over 67,000 games of Bubblet. TT doesn't have a games-played counter, but I'll bet it's in the thousands for me.
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    Well, Bejewelled was already listed, but I like the same company's Alchemy. A little more thought required, but addictive nonetheless.
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    games I've previously been addicted to are PiloMns, Blocks (a Tetris clone), Dotty, and Vexed.

    Vexed is a puzzle game, tho, and over time you memorize the solutions and it isn't as much fun.
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    Although I'm recovering from some of these games I do have a few I return to.

    Bejeweled I used to play quite often - My highest score on easy is 234,830 (without using any cheats). I have not played it in quite a while though.

    Big Two


    Pyramid Solitaire


    And many others that have come and gone but still reside on my compact flash card. See the full list on my site here.

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