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    I have seen several posts with good suggestions for cases. However, I am not finding a case that matches what I am looking for. I am currently using the Action Case with my Treo 180. It is O.K., but it has a pocket on the back for the hands free ear piece. This gets in the way of my belt, and it pushes the phone even further out from the hip. I would like to know if anyone has seen a case with a pocket on the side instead of the back. Also, if it is made out of leather (for business use). Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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    See this:

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    Thanks for the reply. That Rhinoskin leather smartphone smartcase looks really nice, and it sounds like it would do nicely for what I was looking for.

    I ended up getting one that I like, but it is not quite designed for the Treo. I bought a Pentax leather camera case ( I saw it while at Fry's yesterday. It is all leather, and it has a small front pocket that is perfect for the ear piece. The case is just a little tight for the Treo 180, but I am thinking that this will get easier in a few days. Also, I have to leave the antanea sticking out, but the zipper comes around the corner and secures the Treo perfectly. I find that it is much better if I am left handed, but I will learn to use it that way.

    If the above case just doesn't quite stretch the way I am hoping, then I might go ahead and try your suggestion.


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