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    Does anyone know whether it is possible to use the Treo as modem for my laptop (via GPRS)?
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    Had you searched these forums, you would have found multiple long threads on Scott Gruby's great WirelessModem application and also Massimo's/Macronsoft GPRS Script Generator for Mac. Go to:

    and look for the WIrelessModem info. Be sure to hit the forums there for lots of info.

    Go to

    for the GSG app to get the proper settings (for Macs only).
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    I should have been clearer...I do not have a Mac and need the connection via USB. This doesn't seem to be possible via the messages I have read
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    Do you have IR on your laptop?? I believe that some folks have gotten around the serial cabling problem this way. Do read all the posts both here and at Scott Gruby's site/forum.

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