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    From what I can tell by browsing this message board the Treo 300 turns off once the flip lid is closed.

    So I suppose there's no way to continue a phone conversation using a headset with the lid closed? It is kinda awkward to leave the lid open if one's already using a headset. Say, if the Treo 300 were to be left strapped to one's belt, or in one's pocket, while talking on the phone using the headset.

    Is this possible or not?

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    as far as being in the middle of a phone call, you should be able to close the lid without concern of disconnecting that phone call. this is assuming that you are not using any new utility that control that.
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    Yes you can talk on the treo with the lid closed using your headset!
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    Thanks millerhifi & jbletheby!

    I'm almost sold on the Treo 300... now if I could only get the discounts ($200 instant at Best Buy, $50 from Sprint) without doing a new activation.

    I'm no longer under contract, so in theory I could do a new activation and get $250 off the Treo 300, then cancel my old line (5+ years). But I would lose my phone number.

    Too bad Sprint PCS is too rigid. They know I can do this, and it is legal, but it would save them and myself all the trouble if they could give the discount for one no longer on a contract, but willing to sign a new one. Sigh.
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    Hi again,

    Follow up question.

    With the lid closed and I receive an incoming call, can I answer using the headset without flipping the lid open? How?
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    You should just call Sprint and ask them what they are willing to offer you to resign a contract. Ya never know!
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    the headset will have a button near the mouthpeice just simply push it
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    There is a button on your headset that allows you to take incoming calls and hang up after you finish the call.
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    You should just call Sprint and ask them what they are willing to offer you to resign a contract. Ya never know!
    Tried that last night. All they could offer me was $100 account credit (which can be applied when a phone is purchased, or left on the account to pay monthly bills) plus 1 month of service free.

    If they would offer me a $250 credit I'd be happy. That would be just as if I signed up for a whole new number then cancelled my old number... but without the hassle.

    I'll try again...
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    Try to get the credit as a phone or service credit. Then get the phone from Circuit City, using the 110% price match agains Best Buy. Don't worry about the new customer rebate, the credit makes up for it.

    Negotiate more minutes and a month or two of free service too.

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