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    My Treo 300 just broke (the flip hinge cracked) and they're sending me a new one. That said, is there any direct way to connect my broken (by still functional) treo to the new one to mirror the programs and data? Thanks.
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    not too sure about direct, but if you use something like Backup Buddy you can backup all data on the old treo before syncing & restoring to the new one
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    Or you can use the freeware Syncall
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    Why can't you just put the new one in the cradle and hotsync?
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    that is my question, what is wrong with Hotsyncing? this is not criticism, I ask because i would like to make sure i do not loose anyting when i do this myself
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    My Treo suffered a major problem (a pin broke, making it unchargeable) and Sprint gave me a replacement. I hotsynced the factory-defaulted new Treo and recovered everything, down to the status of my Niggle game when I last synched. All I had to do was re-enter a couple of regcodes. I have asked before here why one would want to pay for Backup Buddy and have yet to hear a good reason. I just keep the registration codes in one place.
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    Hey All-
    Thanks for your replies. To answer the "why not HotSync" questions, I have a handful of third party apps that required registration numbers and had a fair amount of customized settings and stuff. The upside of BackupBuddy (from what I've read since the first posting) is that it backs up applications in addition to the data.
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    MY treo's hinge just broke as well. How did you get yours replaced? Did you use Sprints handset insurance? Or did you go through Handspring? I've gotta replace this thing soon and im not gonna spend another 500$ doing so.
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    I did indeed have the replacement program which worked remarkably well. They collected a $35 deductible and will theoretically send it out tomorrow. If it's less than 6 months, which theoretically they all are, they should replace it anyway. You might have to raise hell in a Sprint store, but you'll win eventually. Good luck!
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    The left side of my cover got a hair line crack last week - the thin piece of grey plastic above the window cracked. Tonight the right hinge totally snapped off, and the cover is now hanging by the earpiece's two wires. Man, the remaining hinge is sure sprung strong - I can hardly get it to move.

    Anyways, I have handset replacement insurance. I called Sprint a little while ago. They said the handsets are all guaranteed for 1 year, take it to any Sprint store and they'll swap it out. Nobody said anything about the $35 deductible. I'll let you know how I make out.

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    Just got back from the Sprint store in Beachwood, OH. They were very nice, when I first held it up the lady said "Oops, hope you've got insurance on it". I told her that customer service said that all handsets were covered for a year and that any store could swap the phone for me. She said ok and rang up a new Treo 300 for $0. They didn't have any in stock though , so one is getting shipped (UPS) to me by the weekend. I feel relieved. Just sucks not to have a phone until Saturday.

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    My new 300 arrived yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Looks brand new. The only difference is the hinge is definetely tighter then the old one. The invoice in the package says that it was $0. The phone was fully charged, and Sprint activated it right away. Data took 45 minutes to come up, and they appologized for that - had my old phone been turned off for an hour before they provisioned the new one I wouldn't have had to wait. Very happy with how this whole 'incident' has played out so far.


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