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    So i understand that if you dont have pcs vision, then you get charged $.02 per KB for phones. That means if you download 500kb, then you pay $10. Kinda like the $10/month extra for unlimited PCS vision.

    Question is, does sprint charge you for the KB, or do they also deduct your talktime minutes? If they just charge for the KB usage, then for some of us who do not use the web as much, it might be a better deal to just pay for the KB usage instead of the $10 right?

    Also, say they do deduct from your talktime minutes, what happens if you "stay connected". This might not make much sense, again, its too late to think straight.

    ANyone have this experience? I'm too lazy to read all the threads to search for this topic. Thanks.
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    I used to pay $10 per month for 50 kB from Palm. $10 is incredibly cheap, and what motivated me to switch to Treo. I can't believe you'd save much by paying a la carte, unless you're not using it.
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    yeah, the point is that, some people dont use the web connections as much as others. so maybe its a little cheaper. (pinching pockets here, sorry).
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    I got my first Sprint bill, and by accident they were charging me the per kb price instead of unlimited, and it was $12.35. I have broadband internet at home, so I don't use the treo for internet data that much. I would find it hard to believe you would be better off under the metered rate.

    For the peace of mind, it's definitely worth it.

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    Unlimited is what is so great about this treo. If you buy a wireless card for a palm to use just Vision, unlimited would run $100.00 month. I use my Vision. I visited a web site and it was 12500K so you do the math.
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    Not 12500K meant 1250.0K I must be smokig crack.

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