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    Hi folks,

    Love my Treo, and this forum has a lot of interesting stuff, so glad to meet you!

    I think the answer to my question is 'in your dreams', but I just wanted to check.

    I have home appointments on my home pc's Outlook, synchronising beautifully with my Treo 270, using Hotsync.

    Now I want to also load the work calendar etc from my work laptop (Lotus Notes, just to complicate things!) and add that to the synchronised data.

    This would mean that both computers AND the Treo could add appointments, and if there were a conflict it could create duplicates.

    Appreciate any thoughts!
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    So, what's the problem ?
    I sync my 270 using my PC at work, and I sync it at home on my PC, and my entries that are entered into either PC's notes, calendar, or contacts are all up to date.
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    I too sync home and work with my Treo. No problems at all.
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    so it can be done - apparently by other than me. I've tried it first with my Visor Deluxe and now with my Treo (90) and over time I have been plagued with duplicate entries, disappearing entries, conflicting entries - both on the 'Palm" and the desktop machines; particularly with contacts and appointments, birthdates and the like.

    My office machine is a standalone and Exchange is not used. Both using same O/S. Both using same version of Office.

    I would really appreciate if those sucessfully keeping their home, office and treos in synch would please detail their setups so I can emulate their success. Right now I am using sneakernet with the pst file to synchonize the desktops and synching the Treo to one machine only and avoid the problem.
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    I have outlook and pocketmirror installed on both. NT and XP. Works perfectly.
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    KRamsauer ... appreciate the feedback

    Outlook 2000 or ?
    PocketMirror Standard or Pro ?

    You doing a full synch or do you have your work and personal stuff segregated

    Is MSExchange involved in your scenarieo

    Any clues would be appreciated as I had nothing but grief both NT and Win2k and have finally given up
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    I use Outlook 2000 at home and 97 at work. PocketMirror standard at both. Work and personal stuff is combined on the Treo and computers. We use an exchange server at work, not at home, obviously.
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    My setup is exactly the same as KRamsauer's, now if I could only get him to do my work...

    I made no changes to any of the configs, and it just works fine.
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    looks like the key difference and perhaps the root cause of the difficulty i have experienced is the 'exchange' server

    Anyone synching office and home machines (both standalone) and not experiencing problems with duplicate &/or disappearing entries
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    The fact that I recieve mail over an exchange server (as opposed to pop or imap) is irrelevant.
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    "The fact that I recieve mail over an exchange server (as opposed to pop or imap) is irrelevant.


    Given Chapura's reference cited in part below, Exchange use does seem to impact . All I know from my experience is that duplicates, corrupted or vanishing contacts, contact info, and appointment dates' have driven me to my current fix. You use exchange at work, I don't. Yours works, mine doesn't.

    &#$%* puters ;-)

    " How do I synchronize ONE handheld at Multiple PC's that run on an Exchange Server?

    Important Note: There is NO setup required if one or all of the PC's are NOT accessing an Exchange Server mailbox.

    This feature is available in PocketMirror Standard and Professional. To download the latest upgrade of PocketMirror go to

    If you synchronize your handheld at multiple PC's, where each PC is accessing the same Exchange Mailbox, your data may be duplicated. The "Multiple PC" option in PocketMirror will help prevent this from occurring.
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