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    I am still looking for a patch or other solution to the annoying problem of having to re-enter the name of a contact when needing to dial more than one number to reach a contact. Is anyone having the same problem?? Is there a solution ??
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    I find this problem to be very annoying.... along with several others.....

    1. No matter what screen I am working in....if the phone rings ....when I hang up....I'm sent back to the the speed dial screen.

    2. I wish I could set a preference to have the phone application open up on the dialer page, rather than the speed dial page.

    3. Software seems inconsistent from app to app.....there's no "done" key on each page. Many times I've finished entering data and there's no indication of what to do next.....except to just press a key to go to another function.

    ....there should be a "Done" button and a "Back" button on every screen.
    Warren C.

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