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    I just got my Pocketop/MicroInnovations IR wireless keyboard and out of the package it's delightful. Easily installed and set up. I'm a student, who isn't a great note-taker, and this is about to save my life. I'm including the pictures to show how it's arranged physically. Basically, an upside down, closed-cover Treo 300, with a rubber band holding it firmly to the included stand, is the setup. I love mine, purchased at for $75.
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    After playing with it a bit more...

    They've included a neat little crutch for you to put in the slot for your stylus, that acts to prop the treo on it's side, with the lid open, and using the wireless keyboard is also quite enjoyable. Little less equipment necessary (giving up the included stand).

    Pictures included.
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    In both of these setups you have pictured, have you used software to rotate the display so you can readily see what you are typing? I am somewhat concerned about use of that software. Seems to me that those folks who add a lot of "utility" programs are the ones who tend to have the most problems with their Palm devices.
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    Although I returned my keyboard yesterday, I will say that the included software rotated the screen easily and didn't seem to negatively impact my Treo. Granted, I used it for only a short time.

    To the original poster: Thanks for the pictures. If I decide to try this again, I will definitely refer back to them.

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    I haven't come across any incompatiblities - but I don't run as many utilities as some.
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    I have had this keyboard for quite some time, used it previously with a Samsung I300.

    To use it with the Treo, I rotate my screen to the left and use the stand that came with the keyboard to prop the treo on its side. I do have to turn the Treo on the stand slightly so that the IR connection is easily made. This VERY SLIGHT tilt does not interfere with viewing the screen and it works consistently.
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    Where did you buy the keyboard at?

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    Originally posted by Len777
    Where did you buy the keyboard at?

    I bought mine at However, in retrospect, I only saved 15 bucks buying it from them instead of (the original manufacturers) so I wish I'd just sprung for the branded model. It may be irrational, but I like buying as close to the original engineers as possible.
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    These are also listed on Ebay very cheap. I bought one for about $25 with shipping. New, but not in original box. It was so cheap I figured I'd take a chance. Just got it and haven't had time to try it yet.
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    Thanks!! I just opened the weekend tabloid for Comp USA. They have the keyboard for 29.99 after specials and rebates.

    Thanks Again

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