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    I have searched the forums for battery life tips (reduced backlight, turn off beam receive on, turn screen after shorted delay, etc.). I am still seeing very wierd battery life (very short). Please understand, I am in the center of a building not near any windows. Most of the day, the TREO goes in and out of range. The only thing I have not done is turn off digital roaming and I will try tomorrow.

    I just wanted to see if there have been any more updates on this. At home, on the weekends, etc. battery life is fine. Also it is strange that sometimes it has been ok at work. It just seems to get in a state where it is stuck in a "rapid run down mode" and you cannot stop until the it goes dead and erases all of your data. I guess I will have to bring my power cord to work with me. Any new advice would be appreciated.
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    i would think that the treo, like any other cell phone, uses more power when in low signal areas.

    since you aren't getting good signal in your office, why don't you turn off wireless mode so that you can just use it as a pda while you're at work. at least your battery won't die.
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    Being connected tothe network in low signal areas will drain the battery. Mine drains at work too, but I have a power cable to keep it topped off.

    Running chat programs that hit the network peiodically will drain the battery. Whenever the network is active, several times more battery power is used up than when idle.
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    BTW: You can monitor the load on your Treo by going to the Applications View (home) and clicking along the top-center (middle of where the menu bar would be) while holding the up button.

    Also try clicking on the time tab while holding up for another goodie.
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    Thanks for suggestions. I have tried turning off digital roaming and will purchase another ac adapter, but i am still trying to solve the problem.

    My question is if anyone else is experiencing strange battery life like I am. It just seems i am fine in the morning, but once i drop signal, the unit just seems to spiral into a "drain the battery mode". This was not happening before i loaded TREOSMS or VERICHAT. I don't know if it is a coincident or what. I am looking to see if others have this problem and if they have and other workarounds. It really just seems like a software bug.
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    This morning I had my treo on my charger. It showed fully charged. I was notified of treosms was going to get incoming. It couldn't connect. I made two short calls. About a total of three hours I go to look at my datebook and my treo was flashing red. dead battery. I turned off wireless mode to save my data. The battery level came back up. I turned wireless on and I was staying at about a quarter bar now. Was like my phones transmiter was stuck on but not doing anything? May be sms gets hung.
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    happened to me. I tried everything - soft reset, hard reset, TOTAL battery drain (from other threads) and NOTHING WORKED. The battery would say it was fully charged in a very short time. Then, once off the charger it would be back in the red VERY FAST. I tried a car charger, usb charger, nothing worked. I got a replacement Treo, the screen is even brighter than the last replacement, battery seems stable with all my old software and hacks, and the antenna now unscrews (anyone elses do this???). Why didn't HS just make a removable battery???? You get a one year warranty, USE IT before it expires, cause then your SOL.

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