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    I'm using Agendus, latest version, in demo mode after using Action Names. When I set up a new Meeting and go to set the alarm, I crash. Any ideas? If I use Preferences to set an alarm for every meeting I have no problem.
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    I don't use meetings a lot, but did a test and myn did not crash. Not sure exactly what it could be, probelms with alarms in anything else?
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    Just tried setting an alarm for a To Do and crashed. My work-around is to pre-set the alarm in preferences, but if I try to unset it, I crash. I didn't see anything in the Iambic discussion board.

    I have a app called Alarming--works just fine.
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    You must have some other app causing the problem, I use the todo alarms all the time with no problems. If your workaround is ok, then you are in good shape...
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    Can't say I'm terribly happy with the workaround after using it for a few weeks. Iambic hasn't been any help either. My options are no alarms at all, or alarms for all meetings.

    I'd really hate to do a hard reset and reload everything if I can avoid it.

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