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    I did a search but all the results were a little old.

    I'm looking in to ditching my sidekick for the treo 300. Will it sync with a Mac running OS 10.2.3? Can it use isync? And will it sync with Entourage?

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    Yes it will sync with Mac OS 10.2.3.
    Yes it will sync with iSync 1.0.
    It should sync with Entourage but I've never tried.
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    The Treo can be set up to sync with both iSync and Entourage at the same time.
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    My TREO300 syncs fine with Entourage under 10.2.3

    I don't use iSync
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    I keep my main calendar, address book, etc. in Outlook at work, sync to Treo, and sync my Treo with my PowerBook. If you want your Treo to be a conduit between Entourage and another calendar, you might run into a few aggravating, but correctable problems. If you are using Entourage as your main calendar, etc., you should not have to worry about these problems (although you will need to download some Office X updates from for the sync to work). For a Treo-to-Entourage sync, everything works fine as long as 1) you do not have any recurring events with no end date and 2) you turn off reminders in Entourage. Otherwise, the sync crashes. To fix it, you'll have to spend some time reviewing your recurring events and setting end dates.
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    I don't have iSync, but I found this info on a downloadable conduit for Entourage (OS X)

    Microsoft Handheld Synchronization for Entourage X

    If you own a Palm handheld, you can synchronize, or transfer, items between Microsoft Entourage™ and your handheld. When you synchronize, Entourage copies the contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar events to and from your handheld. For information about using Microsoft Handheld Synchronization, see Synchronizing Entourage data with Palm handheld data.

    Note If you are running Entourage X as a part of the Office v. X suite, you must install the Microsoft Office v. X 10.1.2 Update or later before you can install Microsoft Handheld Synchronization for Entourage X. If you are running the standalone version of Entourage X, you do not need to apply this update in order to install Microsoft Handheld Synchronization.

    Applies to: Entourage X

    Released: 8/26/2002
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    I did sync with Entourage X using 10.2.3 and it worked great. I have finally decided to drop E X for the .mac route. Address Book, iCal using iSync and Apple's Mail program(which there is a 3rd party conduit to sync mail with

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