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    I want to know if there is a way to get the Treo to act like a pager. I know that when I have the phone off, out of area, or on the net, that people get my voice mail and there is a pager function that will SMS me and give the number.

    People would like to reach me w/o calling. In other words, page me to get a hold of them, but they can't use or don't have access to a SMS serive or my PCS mail.

    Also my home answering machine will page me with the number of the person that calls when I am not home and add a tag at the end to let me know if they left a message or not. I would like to use this with the Treo300 as well.

    So is there a backdoor to the pager area? A button that they can push when they hear the first ring of my phone? I know I can hit the down button to put calls to voice mail, but if they are calling me, it';s importate.

    Sorry for all the questions and long winded posts today..LOL
    I am new to this, I had an Edge,pager, and phone before. Now just the treo
    Regards,Matt Burkhard
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    This probably doesn't directly answer you question because I'm a Cingular customer, but if you dial your voicemail number (not from your cell phone) does it give you an option to send a page? Cingular does and I use it to have our office voice mail system send me a page which shows up on my treo as an SMS when I have new voicemail messages and I have set up my answering machine at home to do the same. It will send me an SMS when I get a new message at home.
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    Yea, that sounds like what I want. Thanks again for all the help.
    If Sprint has that option that would be what I want. Do you know if Sprint has a voice mail number (different then my phone number, correct?)

    So I take it you have a 270?

    Thanks, matt burkhard
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    Yes I have a 270 and I'm not sure how the Sprint voicemail works. If you go to the speed dial screen and select edit from the pulldown menu, select the voicemail entry and check the number that it is set to dial, this should be the same number that an outside number could dial to access a paging feature. (Strictly a guess, cuz I'm not w/Sprint but this is how I did it w/Cingular).
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    I looked were you suggested, and it's the same as my mobile number. Dahoo
    So I called Sprint and they didn't have an answer other then it can't be done and that there is not another voice mail number or back door. Oh well

    Regards, Matt Burkhard
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    There's some option in sprint's voicemail system that you have to switch to "ON" to let people send you a numeric page, if that's what your looking for. Then people can press 5 to send you a page.
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    Yes, that is turned on, and it works, I think you get three options as a caller, press "1" for voice mail, "2" for numiric page, or just wait and you get voice mail.
    I would like a way that my treo acts as a pager (like MillerHiFi has), but it looks like Sprints voice mail works different.
    Thanks,matt burkhard
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    how bout on your greeting, tell them to press 2 to page you, then turn your ringer off, and leave your alert on (vibrate?). still they have to wait for the usual 5 rings before they get to your greeting tho, not like pagers. but i think this might be the closes deal to a pager function that i can think of.
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    You should be able to reach your voicemail by dialing your sprint phone number prefix followed by 6245. So if your phone number is 555-5555, dial 555-6245, than it will prompt you for your phone number. I don't think that this will solve your problem but it is a backdoor into your voicemail.

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    Maybe that feature works in certain markets. I just tried that by calling a buddies Treo who's w/Sprint with your suggestion and I got someone's voicemail!
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    Now, that's what I call service! THanks!! Why didn't a Sprint rep know this......GO FIGURE

    Well, with enough pauses and stuff, it may just work. At least for the feature of my home answering machine paging me when someone calls the house. Thanks, Matt Burkhard
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    Well, it seems that the "pager" function is not there. I guess that makes sence, it's the "voice mail" area. So even though this will probably not fix the pager issue. It will let my wife leave me a voice mail w/o having to ring my phone.
    Thanks again, Matt Burkhard
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    Hmmmm....both these suggestions work.....I can get directly into my voicemail through the aforementioned system of dialing the number with my own prefix, and also hitting the "2" key after listening to my greeting allows a numeric page to be sent.

    I learned something(s) new today.

    Also, it is not necessary to listen to the greeting in order to send the page......merely hitting 2 does it.

    However, there does not appear to be a way to send a page without ringing the phone.......

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    The sprint TAPI gateway, used for text paging, works.

    The number for that is 1-888-656-1727.

    All standard text paging software works with it, and PC-based Vmail systems should have a feature for this.

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