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    Two questions in one really.

    1. Can the contact list be collapsed? I rather have just the names, then use the jog dial to click on that name to open it. That seems faster to me then scrolling thru all the names and numbers, I know I can type first inital then last name, but that takes two hands. Also with the flip cover down and I am on handsfree, when you scroll, it only goes one at a time rather scrolling down when you hold the jog button, like when the flip cover is open.

    2. I am using "button-t" and wanted to assign the contacts list to the secondary button function of the phone button. I can't find it, is it incorperated into the phone now. On my Edge, it was called "address book", onthe Treo it's "contacts" , correct? If so, it's not an option is it?

    Thanks, Matt Burkhard
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    You cannot collapse the contact view that I'm aware of.
    You don't need Buttons-T to select the address view just press the phonebook hard key twice to switch views from the speed dial screen to the address book!
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    Thanks for the reply. That is what I was afraid of.. oh well.

    as far as the phone key hot-key, you would have to hit it three times, correct? once for the speed dial (default), once more for the phone pad then a thrid time for the contact area. Also you can't hit the button three times fast, you have to wait for each screen to pop up first, (at least on mine). So that is why I would like to use the second function.
    Thanks again,matt burkhard

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