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    i keep getting the error cannot communicate with network woth treo300sms app.... I also get initiating retrevial of shortmail and it goes away and the real message never comes in ..... what's going on here. everything else on my phone works fine...... btw paid for this app and it just stopped working today
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    i've been gettin this problem as of late as well. initially i couldn't even verify the accout info but an email to pdaapps got that out of the way.

    now i get that same "network unavailable" error and haven't had much success in sending out any sms for the past two days. i'm waiting for a response from pdaapps as to the solution to the problem. i'll post soon as they have recommended the fix.

    - Junius
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    ii feel your pain. i've been having the same problems until last night when I called sprint tech support. I spoke with the lady who recommended reprovisioning my phone from step 1. the whole thing takes about 6 hours. as of this morning, my sms is working again, my fingers crossed. not email though. I may switch back to eudora from snapper later today to see if that helps.
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    It appears that SprintPCs is having some problems in the Southern New Jersey area. Web and email ports are down. This means that Xiino and Snappermail are not working, but Blazer is working. Anyone else?
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    Has been down in Boston for most of the week so far...
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    I have been having problems in NYC, but for some reason that last 2 nights, around midnight ti worked intermittently.

    Update: I called around noon and they told me that they are updating there servers and that they had not ETA for it to be back up
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    I'm surprised they didnt warn customers of potential outages with something as predictable as a server upgrade.

    This is puzzling. Web and email ports are still DOWN at 3:30 Pm EST. (Wednesday 2/5)

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