Along with the releases of the Palm Tungston T & W, came the release of two new Palm-branded apps: Versamail 2.0 and the Palm Browser.

Now, Versamail is Palms new name for their finally updated Multimail Pro. Now, beforw you hackers go out to Palms website to take a look, it says that it requires PalmOS 4.x to run. This was stupid on Palms part, as it is limiting their business to their most recent customers, and Sony. Oh well, doesn't matter how good it is if it don't run on a Treo.

The Palm Browser was what took me by surprise. Not the fact that it existed, as I had been reading that they licensed the NetFront browser in order to make it. It was the fact that, there it was, running on the PalmOS 4.x Tungston W. My understanding is that the browser was supposed to be PalmOS 5.x specific.

So, now, does anybody out their (maybe our European freinds) who have had an opportunity to get their hands on a W know anything more about the browser? I have done a breif scan of Palm's site, and they seem to only mention that it shippes with the T and W on an extras disk. Does it have the same OS dependencies (deficiencies) as Versamail? and How is it (Compaired to the old standards "Blazer" and "Xiino")