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    I am considering the following 3 pieces of software:
    Memoleaf vs Arranger vs Sahdowplan

    My work objectives are:
    () Create simple personal projects
    ()Make the individual tasks flexible to be assigned to many projects
    ()Have a decent outliner on my Palm AND my desktop

    Any reviews or comparisons of these products?

    Thank you.
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    Just from personal experience with my work projects, ShadowPlan is terrific. I tried Bonsai also but ShadowPlan is really comprehensive.
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    I have just been through the same exercise of comparing and trying them all!

    MemoLeaf - I know it gets rave reviews but I dont have the patience to structure my Memos to ensure that keywords are in the titles . . and I understand the 4k restriction still applies . . I need more than that so I tried ThoughtManager.

    ThoughManager - I really liked the 'feel' of this but when I saw the features and settings available on Bonsai i immediately switched to Bonsai.

    Bonsai - Brilliant . . or so I thought. then i realised that all the myriad of settings filters etc on te Handheld app didn't really count toowards my productivity . . and the most annoying thing was the Desktop app . . I couldnt export to Word . . and I couldn't highlight several items and delete them all at once . .they had to be done one at a time. Very annoying. plus the linking to To-Dos was good but not what I needed so I tried Arranger

    Arranger - Brilliant! Or so I thought! I realise that most of my data inputting needs to be done on the desktop . . . there is no Arranger for the Desktop. Whilst it was nice to link to Contacts . . I couldn't actually see any phone numbers without firing up the Contacts App . . . very frustrating . . not what I needed so I had a quick lok at ShadowPlan.

    ShadowPlan - now in fairness I didn't realy give it much of a trial . . I just didn't like the look of the Desktop app . . sorry but I am fussy and I cant explain it any more than 'I didnt like the look of it' so I went back to ThoughtManager.

    ThoughtManager - Having gone full circle I have decided that it is my favourite and I can use it for my work. I like the Word export. I like the easy editing features of the Desktop app . . its so easy to cut and paste and drag items in the outlines . .unlike Bonsai whose Desktop app lets it done. Thoughtmanager links to Memo but I actually use ThoughtManager as my 'memo app' and dont use the default memos at all now. I tried MemoPlus and realised it was pointless if you have ThoughtManager.

    Conclusion - try them all . . . . decide what fits best with YOUR work work scope and methods.

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