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    Well, I'm trying to use Lotus Notes and Sprint's Business Connection Personal Edition.

    I've managed to get the software installed on both PC and Treo 300. I can see my addresses on the Business Connection web site. But, I can't seem to sync my mail or see my calendar.

    On the Treo side, the message is "The network connection timed out. Please wait for a few minutes and try again"

    If I try to access my Inbox from the web site, I get "A Service Error Occurred"

    The PC side seems to log in just fine to both the web site and Lotus Notes.

    Any ideas? I'd love to get some clues..... Are there any limits on the mail size? Is there something I can do there? My mail is very large, but I moved everything out of my Inbox hoping that might help.

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    Okay - update. I re-registered my Treo and now I seem to connect - I can now see my PC files from my Treo.

    When I go to sync my mail, I now get an different error msg: Error 305. Cannot connect to enterprise server. Please try again.
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    It may be that your BizConn account is configured as an enterprise account, not a personal account. I would recommend contacting tier-2 tech support and asking them to look into it. You may end up requesting they delete your BizConn account and then you can recreate it.

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    Called Sprint - after about 30 minutes of working with me, the only thing they could do was record a trouble ticket to go to the BizConn team. <sigh> Guess I'll wait and see if anything happens......
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    Well, I've received 2 call backs in the last 24 hours from Sprint. The first one asking me if I still had the problem & what was the error message, the 2nd suggesting a fix for something that was not broken.

    Now, I'm back on the phone with Sprint to try to re-explain the same problem yet again....... I am not expecting any real help this time either - they've only stated that they will escalate the problem......

    <sigh> No BizConn for me........

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