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    I purchased Sprint's $5 insurance policy back in Oct. of '02 when I purchased my 300.

    This past weekend while getting out of the truck my Treo300 took an unexpected trip from my belt clip to the parkinglot pavement! Ouch.

    Side is cracked open, stylis tip is destroyed, but it is still working!

    My question is simple: Will the $5 policy cover replacement of this now cracked, but otherwise functioning Treo 300?

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    I have the insurance as well and my understanding is that it does cover accidental damage. However, I believe if they replace your unit they will use a refurbished phone.
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    "refurbished phone"? as in not a Treo?
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    refurbished = fixed to meet manufacture requirements...if it was broken before, hey fixed it like new pretty much. and yes, it means another treo 300.
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    The phone will be a treo-it just won't be a new treo. It will be one that has been remanufactured. You may want to consider using the manufacturer's warranty for repair/replacement. It normally doesn't cover accidental breakage but you can possibly argue that the break is disproportionate to the "small fall" the phone suffered and shouldn't have cracked the way it did-therefore, it should be covered under manufacturer's defect portion of warranty. Just an idea.

    Good luck!

    And double-check to make sure that it is a refurbished phone that you get when you file a claim-I just remember reading that somewhere-but I could be wrong-it may be a new phone.
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    You will also need to pay a $35 deductible (yes... in addition to the $5 per month) and I believe they require the damaged phone to be returned... If you are into electronics & want to use it for parts, you might be better off reporting it lost instead of broken
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    does anyone know if there is a place to find the exact terms of the replacment program. I've looked at their website and haven't had much luck.
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    i believe insurance is $4/mo, not $5
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    Check out this link...

    Equipment Replacement

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