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    I recently upgraded from a Treo 90, running Palm OS v4.1 to a Treo 300 running 3.5.2. Silly me, I didnt realize when I got the newer 300 that it was running an older OS. I got really used to some of the functionaility of the newer apps. Has anyone attempted to 'upgrade' the various applications like Datebook+ or ToDo List from the older to the newer?

    Since i can't find the applications on the Handspring site, how did you find them? how would I go about doing it?

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    Hey There,

    Handspring uses non flashable rom thus you cannot upgrade the core applications. You can "upgrade" by using third party applications such as Agendus and To Do Plus.
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    Thanks.. always good to learn more! Do you think I could I do something trickly like IR beam the newer app to the 300, rename it and maybe not replace the old app, but assign the buttons and synch to the newer version?
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    Try to beam a built in application from a handspring unit to any other palm or handspring. You can't. The application sits on the rom and it is a protected app you cannot beam it...
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    Bummer.. thanks for the scoop!
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    There is an app out there called Z'Catalog (I think the Z' is short for Zarf) written by Andrew Plotkin - it allows you to change the properties of files to allow beaming (or prevent)

    You need to go into the Options menu of Z'Catalog and check the box marked "Allow Dangerous Actions" Basically this is just a warning that you are going to be able to see advanced properties that may be best unaltered.

    I have used this program for years already to beam unbeamable databases & such with no problems yet. Of course, if you are3 playing with properties other than beaming, there is a greater risk potential that something may not work properly

    Best advice - use BackupBuddy or some type of Full Backup utility to backup your entire handheld prior to making any changes just in case you need to do a hard reset.
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    Good advice. I'll check into some of the apps and things you've suggested.

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