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    I bought my treo 300 used from someone on ebay, and when i press the voicemail button, it automatically dials the previous owner's phone number.

    Is there any way to change this number to dial my voicemail number?

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    I'm sure its a security code thing that Sprint can help with, but in the meantime, howz about a ducktape solution...

    you can't change the voicemail button easily, but you can move it on the spead-dial page - on the speed dial page, use the dropdown menu and hit EDIT SPEED DIAL PAGES, then simply drag the Voicemail entry to another position, or better yet another page.

    After it is off the first page, create a new button on the 1st page called Voice Mail or whatever, and make that your correct phone #.

    Just ignore the old one - it shouldn't cause any problems.

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