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    This may be a dumb question (I am new to Palm OS) and yes, I have searched the archives...

    I have downloaded a few trial programs and I decided to buy a couple and delete a few. I am having a heck of a time figuring out what files to delete when I want to get rid of an application. Sometimes there may be multiple files associated with a single program. I don't want to delete a required file for the apps that I want to keep. On the other hand, I don't want to clog my memory with files that are not required. Do I need to write down a list of loaded files whenever I load an app?

    Question #1 -- Is there a list of the default files that are loaded on the 300 when it came out of the box?

    Question #2 -- Is there a "remove application utility" available for purchase that tracks what needs to be deleted when you remove an application?

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    You can try DB Cleaner at

    This may be what you are looking for. The applications can be deleted through the OS but the databases are not visible in the selection. This utility provides access to delete the unwanted databases.
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    My problem is that I don't know which files to delete. Some are very obvious...usually the name of the program. Others are not too obvious - e.g. -- LogDataCalls, LxBrowser or ZoneInfo. It is not clear which apps are associated with this files (and not just these -- there are others)
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    Filez will tell you the "creator" (a four character unique code) of the program. Before you delete the program, take a look at the program's creator and note what other programs or databases had the same creator. These can be deleted (with filez) at the same time. Responsible programmers arrange for all to be deleted at the same time, but many aren't responsible.

    Prefed will do the same thing for preferences, many of which are left behind when the program is uninstalled. (e.g. Xiino) However, a preference entry of "no creator" isn't necessarily not in use, and the best strategy is to back up (e.g. with Backupbuddy), delete a couple, and if things go haywire, go back to the previous point.

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