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    Well I was wondering if any of the Treo 90 users here would consider upgrading to the new Sony TG50 as rumored on PIC ?

    Although the specs have not been released, early rumors indicate that the device will be a OS 5 ARM based pda with integrated bluetooth, integrated keypad, 320x320 TFT screen, 16+ MB Ram, and flip cover. Of course these are just rumors and there has been considerable debate whether the for example the TG50 will support virtual graffiti, MS or MSPro, built in mp3 player and etc. Furthermore there has been a significant amount of bemoaning and criticism from posters on PIC and Cliesource about this new device, and so I was wondering what users here felt since it appears that Sony is targeting primariy Treo 90 users? Any thoughts?
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    it depends on the size of the device, I like the fact that the treo 90 fits in my pocket nicely, I also hope that the flip lid is detachable since I dont care for flipping the lid. I probably will buy the sony since it has built in bluetooth and I love the quality of my previous clie devices.
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    It's logicial that Treo 90 users that have become thumboard converts will want an OS5 device with a thumboard. If the rumors about the Sony are true, this is a possibility for us, but I too like the size of the 90. Despite the rumors of the 90's demise on TC, I'm not giving up yet on a HS OS5 PDA.
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    The size of the Treo was the key factor for me. I won't be switching any time soon. The 90 is too darn convenient.
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    Well I don't looks pretty slick. Me, I'm waiting for OS5 and I would prefer not to go with Sony because I don't wanted to support the Memory stick over the open source SD card.
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50

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