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    I am looking for a web site that works with the Treo 300 to look up white page phone numbers and addresses. I posted before and someone gave me the best "PQA". I have no idea what this acronym means. I need "Treo 300 Answers for Dummies", please.
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    Since someone already gave you the best pqa (palm query application) which was probably directory assistant....which is the best white pages you could use on the Treo!

    Try a web site called small sites at

    amongst many other good links within, there is a white pages that works well!
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    Did you try Yahoo!, yet? Worked great and fast and upto date information. Also was good for Yellow pages and the service is free.
    Don't even try to get good contact information from
    That's the one that is used on Sprint cell phones. Many times I found I could not find businesses or people using it.

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