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    I am considering buying the 300 but want to be able to access BOTH my office MS Outlook E-mail and my personal AOL E-Mail.

    Is it possible? If so, how?

    In advance,thanks!

    Tim Clark
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    There are a few different apps out there to access office Outlook e-mail. These include Sprint's Business Connection (my choice), Aileron (I use this for POP3 e-mail.), and BaseJet. I'm not entirely sure of which apps are best for AOL e-mail. AOL does sell an application for this purpose. I would recommend doing a search on this site for related posts and then trying the different applications. All the ones I mentioned, but AOL, offer trial periods.

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    check out
    access up to 3 e-mail accts. costs 35 per year but well worth it
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    How about GopherKing? Check it out:
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    SnapperMail is an awesome email client, and can handle multiple email accounts. Not sure about AOL, because I don't use AOL.

    - Rich

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