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    I've been having trouble with my Treo300sms and have finally figured out (at least I think) that Treo300sms and Chess Tiger cannot coexist in peace! Something in one of these programs appears to conflict with something in the other. My sms messages were fine until I installed Chess Tiger. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    I have both apps on mine and have no problems... how exactly did you narrow it down to those 2?
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    Pretty much! The sms messaging was working fine and then I installed ChessTiger and it stopped working. I was thinking-maybe you can tell me-I had Treo300sms for over a week (trial version) and it was working. Then, after I installed chess tiger it wasn't working so I did a hard reset and installed everything again (I've only had it two weeks so there wasn't much data to reinput), including Treo300sms. Do you think it stopped working because it was a trial version and my week had ended?
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    Chesstiger does not work on my 650 either

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