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    I have now had my Treo 300 up and running for about 2 1/2 days and thought I'd share some thoughts. I moved from a Samsung A400, which I was very happy with, and a Handspring Prism. I was able to transfer all my data with no problem at all. So far, I prefer the Address Book display on my Prism, where each entry is on one line, and only the primary phone number is listed, as this puts more contacts on each screen. I don't see any way to change this on the Treo, so I guess I'll get used to it.

    In my home, my A400 always showed 3 to 4 bars of signal strength. The Treo shows 1 or 2 bars. This was of great concern at first, but so far my calls are all just fine and none have dropped. I am hoping that it is a difference in how signal strength is displayed and not that the Treo gets a weaker signal. That would be a killer and cause me to return the unit.

    I really like the flashing green light showing the phone is ON and is getting a signal. With my A400, I would have to open the clamshell to see this. Others have commented about volume issues - so far mine seems fine. And the speakerphone, while rather tinny sounding, is proving great when I am retrieving voicemails, allowing me to put the phone down while I write messages out. Of course, the ability to look up anyone in my address book and simply tap the phone number is awesome.

    I have only tried a bit of browsing so far (I don't trust that Sprint changed my account properly and want to check my first bill to make sure I have the unlimited Vision) but I am finding it works fine for what I have tried. But it is a lot slower than I expected. I had occasionally used my Prism through my A400 to access the web with Blazer, and am not finding the Treo to be much faster. I really thought that was one of the big advantages of 3G. Is this consistent with the experiences of others?

    Next big thing to try is email. I was surprised the Treo does not come with email SW. I am debating between Eudora and SnapperMail. This is probably the biggest reason for me going with the Treo - to access my mail while away from my office and home. I was using PhoneFish on my A400 (wireless web) which worked fine for seeing what was there and reading enough to know what was important. But it was almost impossible to reply using the phone. I tried to access PhoneFish from the Treo, but it did not work.

    I find the ringers louder than I expected - this is good. I am disappointed that it only has 3 settings - off, low and high. My A400 had about 10 choices. But I like the little switch at the top to turn the ring on/off.

    I would have liked a cradle for syncing. It is surprising that they did not include one at this price. Has anyone bought one – how is it?

    Overall reaction so far is good. I have 30 days to play before Circuit City’s return period is up and I have to make a final decision.
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    I think you are in for a pleasant suprise. I have had my Treo 300 for 2 weeks now and I love it. I had the Samsung I300 before this. The bars on the S meter are about like you say but that is not much indication of how it works. I live on the first floor of a concrete condo and have always had very spoty coverage inside. With the Treo 300 I have very solid coverage throughtout my home. The thumb board takes a little getting used to but is easy to use. Another great point is the ability to browse the web and good speed. I am also able to log on to earthlink with eudora and send and receive e-mail. This is a very solid product.
    Regards, BobT.
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    I have had my 300 for just over a month, and have been very happy with it. I've actually found the Internet performance to be better than I expected. I tend to mainly browse Web sites optimized for handheld. For example right now I'm accessing treocentral, and typing this message, via my 300.

    I bought the charging/USB cradle from the handspring web site, and have been happy with it. I try to put it in the cradle a few times during the work day, to top off the battery and sync addresses/events/to-do's with Outlook.

    I use SnapperMail for email, it is a great product and very well supported. I now do most of my email on the 300, and just use Outlook for sending documents, and archiving messages. I receive over 100 messages each day and SnapperMail handles it all just fine.
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    About the email software. I use a program called "msgagent" and it is a very simple program that allows you to check any pop3 email account. It works well. Only thing is you cant receive attachements. Best of all, its freeware
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    I have had mine for only a month now... It rocks... The only thing that bothers me is.. It is obviously VERY VERY VERY FRAGILE..
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    I have had mine for only a month now... It rocks... The only thing that bothers me is.. It is obviously VERY VERY VERY FRAGILE..
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    Why did you say it twice?

    Punchline: I didn't!
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    BobT, just to clarify...You're saying that you get better coverage with your Treo 300 than with your Samsung i300 (despite what the signal strength indicates), correct? I have an i300 right now and get maybe one bar inside my house and can't make a call. I've been interested in getting a Treo 300 but was worried that the signal would be about the same or worse inside my house.

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    I used to use a Samsung 3500 with Sprint service and was unable to get a reliable signal in my basement office. As stated in a previous post, the Treo 300 shows only 1 bar down there, but the call quality is just fine!

    Leads me to believe that the Treo can catch a signal a little better than some other handsets....

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    Scott, that is what I am saying. Better coverage than I-300, and not just a little bit. From previous experience with radios, S meter readings are rather arbitrary so not real reliable. It is the actual performance that counts. BobT.
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    atvjeff and BobT, thanks for the info. Of course, now that I've put off switching to the Treo 300 for so long, I can't help but wonder if I wait just a little bit longer if an OS5/ARM version might be out soon.

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    I agree that the Treo pulls in a good strong signal. I used to have a Kyo 6035 and could never use it in my office. My Treo works perfectly even though it only shows one bar. There's also about a 2 mile dead spot on a highway I drive all the time. Not with the Treo - picks up the signal the whole way. Now I have to find all new places when I want to be incommunicado
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    atvjeff and BobT, can you tell me if the speed difference of browsing the web using Blazer (or otherwise) is noticeably faster on the Treo 300 versus the i300 from your personal experiences? Thanks,

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    I have to disagree on the Treo 300 fragility comment. I have repeatedly dropped my Treo from head level onto the cement (not intentionally, I am not a tester) and it is a tough customer.

    On the subject of phone reception and "bars," I have been happily surprised to find I can get the phone AND Internet browser to work when there are ZERO bars.

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