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    Somebody told me that there is a fold-up keyboard that you can connect to the Treo 300 to so that typing can be faster, especially if you have a lot of work or emails to do. Has anyone heard or seen this item? I know that there is a Keyboard available for the Visor, could that be the same one?

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    I did not buy one but Office Depot has a fold up almost full size keyboard that is IR . They claim that it works with anything. The salesman said that you download the drivers into your Palm system depending on the operating system. If I can bring myself to travel with a CD of business files that customers can access on their computers when I am there and my Treo 300 for my info and communication I will begin to use the Treo for e-mail. At that point I'm going to try the Office Depot keyboard. Sorry that I didn't get the brand name etc. It was $99.

    Ron Vermillion
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    they are in sale at our local staples for $50
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    Has anyone actually used one of these fold up IR keyboards on a Treo 300? Sounds like a great tool if it works....

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    I have been using this keyboard with my Treo 300 for a month or so and it works great. Now, don't get your expectations up too high. It works great typing memos through the standard memo program or through mega memo which I use for typing papers and I haven't tried it with any other programs.

    The keyboard is made by Pocketop at

    The list of compatible devices says that the Treo is not supported but I have had no problem with the memo program and flipping the screen 90 degrees to the left so the IR receiver can see the transmitter on the keyboard.

    I haven't tried an email program with the keyboard yet.

    When I first used the keyboard on my Clie' it also worked fine but a lot of users complained about an unstable driver. Not sure if those problems have been worked out yet but with basic apps the keyboard is a champ.
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    CO Boarder,

    I have this keyboard, I got it to use with my I300, but I have not been successful getting it to work with my Treo.

    You mentioned flipping the screen 90 degrees to make the IR connection easier. Please explain. How do you position your Treo on the stand?

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    Go to the Pocketop web site and download the latest driver - 1.6r08

    Follow the instructions carefully for installation (I think you have to delete the old driver first).

    Open the Pocketop icon on the Treo and select screen rotation "Left"

    Remove the stand from the keyboard and place the Treo on it's side about 3" in front of the keyboard. This configuration gets some real stares on the airplane so be prepared, the geek factor is high!
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    Thanks, I never thought the screen rotation would work, it didn't on my I300, which is also NOT on the compatibility list.

    I will follow your instructions, give it a try and post my results.

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    I just purchased ($99.99 at my Staples), tried, and repackaged for return. Although I could indeed get the driver to work with my Treo 300, I found it too picky with regard to just how the Treo was positioned. If I didn't get it just right, it wouldn't work. I'm going to wait for a more elegant solution. (I suspect it will be a very long wait.)


    I will add that the driver software seemed to work well. My unit was branded Micro Innovations and said "design by Pocketop." The back of the package says "Works with all COMPQ iPAQ, HP Jornada, Handspring, IBM Workpad, Palm and Sony PDA's that utilize an IR (Infrared) Port."
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    Originally posted by gmaugham
    I just purchased ($99.99 at my Staples), tried, and repackaged for return. Although I could indeed get the driver to work with my Treo 300, I found it too picky with regard to just how the Treo was positioned. If I didn't get it just right, it wouldn't work. I'm going to wait for a more elegant solution. (I suspect it will be a very long wait.)


    I agree that the positioning of the Treo to get it to work with the pockettop/microinnovations keyboard is complicated. Since I already had the keyboard I will use it, but I doubt if I would purchase one new to use with the Treo.

    Thanks tho, for the tip to rotate the screen, at least this way my $100 investment didn't go to waste.

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    You're right, it is a tricky position and the solution is not ideal. If I didn't already own one for my previous Clie' I doubt also that I would have purchased it.

    On the other hand it is very good at filling two specific needs: to type a long paper on the airplane (without turbulance) and for typing notes in a meeting. Once the position is set as long as either device doesn't move I have success.
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    I don't get it -- how do you read the screen when it's turned on its side? Does the driver include code that virtually rotates the display in the opposite direction, or something?

    Any wired keyboard solutions out there? I'd prefer that to a tweaky IR solution. There are times I'd find it handy to be able to hook up a full-size PC USB (or PS/2, if that would work) keyboard to the Treo.

    One example would be when playing Karateka, although I guess Beiks would have to update the game to allow it to work with the old:

    q w
     a s
      z x                <- ->
    keyboard interface from the original game.
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    Originally posted by Dan Harkless
    I don't get it -- how do you read the screen when it's turned on its side? Does the driver include code that virtually rotates the display in the opposite direction, or something?
    Yes. The driver flips the screen to the left, right or upside down. I haven't checked the stabiliy of the driver on other apps.
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    I have seen an ad for a keyboard that looked like it had a cradle or something holding the treo 300 with a mirror over the top. Presumably to reflect the ir signals.
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    I'm trying to find a good folding keyboard (like a Palm Ultra-Thin or
    ThinkOutside Stowaway, or a Darfon/Belkin/Benq G700) which is
    usable with a Treo 300. Does such a thing exist? I've been looking
    hard, and I haven't found one yet.

    PalmOne has been selling two nice-looking IR-connected wireless
    keyboards. The model 3169WW is the newer one:
    with specs at
    which says, "Compatible with all current PalmOne handhelds, including
    M130 and M515. ... Works with selected palmOne, HP, and Dell models.
    Compatible with: Treo 650 and Treo 600. Not compatible with
    Treo 300, 270, 180 or 90."
    It apparently has no epinions or Amazon reviews yet:
    It appears to be a relabeled Darfon/Benq G6R0, which apparently
    only has drivers for Palm OS 5.0, Pocket PC 2003, and Symbian UIQ.
    That would explain why it doesn't work with earlier Palms & Treos.
    Closed dimensions are nice and small: 5.43"x3.92"x0.67"

    The PalmOne model P10946U is similar but older. I think it was discontinued
    in October. These can still be found on eBay and elsewhere:
    The Palm description used to say, "One keyboard that works with all current
    Palm handhelds! Type effortlessly with this foldable, practical keyboard that
    connects to your handheld wirelessly via infrared. Convenient and practical,
    it's the ultimate keyboard solution." Obviously it supported earlier versions
    of the Palm OS. But the "compatible models" lists that I've found don't list
    any Teos.
    I think the P10946U is really a Stowaway Infrared Portable Keyboard:
    Stowaways are very highly regarded, with the only common complaint
    being the lack of number key row. Unfortunately, ThinkOutside lists
    only Treo 600 and 650 on their "compatible products" list, not Treo 300
    and earlier Treos. This keyboard is wonderfully small and thin when closed:
    5.5"x3.9"x0.5". It apparently has no epinions reviews:
    But the Amazon reviews are good:
    And the non-wireless versions get great reviews:
    Michael Ducker tells me that he tried one of these with his Treo 180,
    using a Visor driver, but got a "fatal exception." Has anyone else
    tried one of these with a Treo model 180, 270, or 300?

    The TreoCentral Store shows two Treo 6xx compatible keyboards from
    Unfortunately, when I called the lady told me that these keyboards
    won't work with a Treo 300, due to "driver issues." She was unable to
    tell me the PalmOne model numbers. Guessing from the pictures, the
    wireless one appears to be the Darfon/Benq G6R0 (Palm 3169WW), and
    the other appears to be a G740, which is part of the Darfon/Benq/Belkin
    G700 series (but the G740 isn't listed on the Darfon web site).

    Darfon/Benq apparently makes at least nine models of their
    G700-series folding keyboards, four of which are also sold by Belkin:
    As nearly as I can tell, the G700 series models are:
    G730 (Belkin F8Y1501) for Sony Clie
    G770 (Belkin F8P3502) for Palm "universal[sic] connector" Palm Pilots
    G790 or G791 (Belkin F8A1500) for Toshiba PDAs
    G7H0 (Belkin F8H1501) for HP Jornada PDAs
    G750 for iPAQ
    G7A0 for Acer S10
    G7M0 for Mitac PDA
    G7S0 for Fujtsu-Siemens
    G740 (or G740-01 or G740-001) portable keyboard for the Treo 600:
    These are almost as small as the Stowaways, and have number keys!
    The closed dimensions are nice and small: 5.82"x3.74"x0.67"
    Their drivers are apparently not as good quality as ThinkOutside's
    Stowaway drivers, and lots of users complain about various problems:
    "The Gadgeteer" tried to test the G730 (Belkin F8Y1501) with his Clie
    a couple of years ago, but had big problems with the driver. Perhaps
    it is better now:
    One other thing The Gadgeteer noted: the keys on the G700 series
    keyboards are pretty good, but not as good as those on the Palm
    UltraThin / ThinkOutside Stowaway XT. The G700 keys are only
    17mm (instead of 18mm), and lack tactile feedback.
    I sent a message to Benq, via their web form, several days ago, but so
    far they have not responded:

    Unfortunately, it does not appear that ANY of the above keyboards
    work with Treo 300 & earlier. (I'd love to be wrong about that!)

    If I had one of these G740 keyboards, I'd download Palm OS drivers
    for the similar G730 and G770, and try them with this keyboard on a
    Treo 300. But I don't want to buy the keyboard just to do that test.

    Does anyone here have this keyboard for the Treo 600, and also have
    an old Treo 180/270/300 lying around that you would be willing to test
    it with?

    Here are some Belkin driver download pages for the similar G730 & G770

    That last driver apparently also works for another Belkin keyboard.
    the model F8E458, which doesn't sound as nice as the G700 series.
    It folds in half (rather than thirds), and apparently doesn't lock when
    unfolded. It has no Amazon reviews, but one so-so epinions review:

    A couple of years ago, TreoCentral's Michael Ducker ("miradu") wrote
    that he had manged to adapt a different model Stowaway to work
    with his Treo. The photos he took of his solution seem to be gone,
    now, but there was a discussion here:
    His web site is
    To me, this sounds like it might be the best solution.

    I don't know much about the Belkin F8U1500, but the one epinions
    user who reviewed it didn't like it:
    Amazon customer reviews aren't very good, either:
    However, their compatibility list includes "Treo series":

    I don't know whether this PDA Mart keyboard would work, but from
    the photos it looks like it is not rigid when unfolded (no lap use!)
    and there's a gap down the middle when it's unfolded (maybe that's
    not a big deal), and the number key row is mispositioned (but
    that's probably better then the Stowaway/Ultra-Thin's missing
    number row!):
    I could find no epinions reviews for this one.

    The Targus IR wireless keyboard (model PA870 or PA870U)
    apparently works with the Treo 300 (but no mention of the
    Treo 270?!?). However, from the pictures the layout appears
    to be nonstandard, and the "closed" dimensions are much larger
    than other folding keyboards (a full inch thick: 5.6" x 4.2" x 1")
    I saw this keyboard yesterday for sale in a Radio Shack for $60.
    I'm not enthusiastic about this one, but it might be the only thing
    available that works. Its epinions and Amazon reviews are mixed:

    Also, a company called Brando sells two IR keyboards that might or
    might not work. They both look like the Targus (they fold in half and
    when they unfold there's a gap in the middle):

    The Pocket Top keyboard claims
    compatibility, but looks strange in the pictures, and all the reviews
    they list are 2 or more years old. It was apparently the same as a
    keyboard from Micro Innovations
    which Micro Innovations apparently no longer sells. It doesn't
    sound very good to me:
    Its epinions reviews are poor:

    So, does anyone know of a good folding keyboard solution for
    the Treo 300 (and presumably the Treo 270 & 180)?

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