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    I've noticed that my 300 sometimes just turns itself on, anf then goes off again shortly after. Has anybody else seen this? I thought maybe I was inadvertently pushing the scroll butting or something, but then I just saw it go on while it was sitting on my desk.

    Is this a known bug?
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    I've noticed mine doing that at mid-night, when the date changes.
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    i've noticed th same thing. i thought it was related to snappermail...but that was just a guess. anyone else running snapper mail also? (ewith the auto fetch option enabled but after when it's supposed to check?)
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    I purchased the TREO 300 last September and I can complain, except now my unit seems unstable. It connects Ok for the data but then fails to browse I basically have to reset in order to get the browsing going. This happens when I use avantgo and tryo get modem sync going.
    Any experience with this
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    Two things about the Treo turning on randomly:

    1) I installed the AutoSync hack on my Treo, which automatically does a HotSync at a certain time of day (mine is 5pm). However, since installing it, I noticed the Treo turns on randomly at other times than 5pm. 'Course, I can't fully blame AutoSync ... my Treo has lots of random hacks & utilities on it; I just noticed the behaviour after installing AutoSync. I'm gonna delete AutoSync now. I'll report the results in a few days.

    2) Turning on at midnight: in DateBook, do you have the option for "Float advance at midnight" turned on? Believe it or not, Handspring actually addresses this occurrence on their website (I couldn't believe it -- I typed in "midnight" and came up with the answer). It's an option where you can automatically advance floating items to the next day at midnight, rather than the next time you turn on the Treo (which, if you have a lot of floaters, I guess can take a lot of time).

    This is a time-saving feature of Date Book+ which runs on Handspring handhelds. Instead of advancing the Floating Events when you turn on your handheld for the first time on a new day, Date Book+ performs the operations during the night, thus saving you a few seconds.

    To turn off the automatic Floating Event advancement feature:

    1. Open the Applications launcher.
    2. Tap on the Date Book+ icon (not the Date Book icon) to launch it.
    3. Access the Menu launcher.
    4. From the Options pulldown menu, tap on Preferences.
    5. In the Preferences screen, tap on the Display Options button.

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