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    I just upgraded from a Treo 90 to a "newer" Treo 300.. I like it.. but.. the versions of software are driving me nuts.

    Datebook+ on the Treo 300 v3.5H2 but on the Treo 90 v4.1H. Same with To Do Lists, on the 300 its v3.5 on the 90 its v4.1H. I think some of my synching issues might be related to version.

    Am I right in thinking my 90 has newer software then my new 300? The Handspring site doesn't seem to list internal application versions..

    Any clues?
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    Well....the Treo 90 is running Palm OS v4.1 and the Treo 300 is running 3.5.2. That's where all those different version numbers come from.

    The software is not neccesarily newer, but has been tweaked by Handspring to run on that device.

    There really shouldn't be an syncing issues between the versions. Maybe explain what problems you are experiencing.
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    I believe the Treo 90 is running v4.1 primarily for the expansion card support which is not in v3.52. As far as I know that is the only difference.

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