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    How can I make polyphonic ringtones?
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    1. Find MIDI files that you think would make good Ringtones.

    2. Modify them in a MIDI-Editing program like Anvil Studio. In particular, cut them down so that the total size of the clip is less than 10k, preferably half that. You can also change instrumentation and adjust volume, if that suits you. Save them in MIDO-0 Format.

    3. Turn them into a PDB. There is an on-and-off web page here that allows you to do that (search for MIDI ringtone and PDB); otherwise look for Palm MIDI Desktop or one of the other applications that can convert files to .PDB.

    4. Hotsync them to your Treo.
    Peter Campbell *
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    Thank you very kindly. I'll give it a shot. I'm a hiphop producer and was hoping to make some ringtones from some of my beats.

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