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    This seems like a very simple question. How do I access the second call coming in? How do I switch to answer that call and then how do I go back to first call?
    I thought I'd be able to see who it is that is calling in, but I can't. All I get is a beep.
    Can anyone tell me what they experience with call waiting?
    thanks, Tracy
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    When the second call comes in, look on your screen. There are new buttons visible that allow you to put the first call on hold, and answer the second. then when you answer the second, you can swap back to the first one. BTW, if you want to DROP the second call, hit the back button (<-), and the system and phone will drop the second call. Your line will go dead...wait about 5 seconds, and the phone will ring again...answer the phone and your first caller will be there (he/she will never know that they were "dropped"...just that you told them you were putting them on hold). And, to answer the question before you ask it ( ), no, you can't conference all three of you together. The only way to conference on the Sprint system is if you make both calls, then conference them in.
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    thanks for your help.

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