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    I am confused and maybe someone knows the answer.
    I will be out a lot today and was wondering about something.

    I usually use Push option only in Business connection and have no problem getting messages pushed.

    However, I see that you can enable the Smart Power Sync and also the weekday/weekend options and STILL have push enabled.

    I do not understand the reasoning here.

    If you enable smart power sync or the weekday/weekend settings, does this override the "push" and go to the smart power or scheduled sync options?

    I just don't see how the two can work together at the same time, although you can enable Push as well as the schedule or smart power sync option.

    Thanks for any help!

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    My experience is that BC both pushes your mail and syncs at the specified intervals. I have never used smart power sync, but I don't believe the BC programming is sophisiticated enough for anything to override push. If you have both checked, it'll do both.
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    that really doesnt make sense... why would you want any other sync to work if it is still pushing... unless it only goes for the messages based on smart power or scheduled settings even in a push comes in...

    anyone else have any info


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