Some of you may remeber my post titled
"Treo 300 {Sprint} not as advertised"
Well that rant still holds true however I did not take my treo back. Well I did but the Sprint store made me an offer worth my while.
They were so convinced the problem would be fixed they extended my 14 day return window to 30. I figured what the heck besides Sprint gave me an additional two month vision for free in case it does work out. Thus I'm still here.
Well so far a few days ago I started receiving and could send short mail at reliable pace. As of yesterday I can send e-mails. Wow my treo service almost works. I say alomost because it's still not 90% percent reliable. Sometime I have to send an e-mail three time before it actually sends or when I check my mail all of the sudden my authentication fails. After a few attempts it suddenly authenticates. Short mail SMS I have learned that if more than a few hours have gone by and no messages just turn off wireless mode and turn it on again and if messages were indeed sent I will get them as the treo connects to the network. The Treo I really like Sprint...oh well. I guess they are trying who knows.