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    Does anyone else use PDAapps' Treo300SMS program and have problems with SMS messages?
    It worked well when I got it a few months ago, but during the last month it has been almost totally dead. I would rarely get messages sent to me, and messages I sent rarely went through. Then yesterday I get TWELVE MESSAGES, 4 at a time in 10 minute intervals, some a MONTH OLD. I sent a message to myself after that as a test, and didn't get it.
    Today I call Sprint, get the tech. guy who doesn't know jack, he says they have a "higher-up level of tech. guys" that he puts me through to, and this guy says the problem is because they are converting the Sprint servers. Then this guy sends me a text message and I get it immediately. "Must be fixed," he says. Later I send myself a text message and I DON'T RECEIVE IT.
    This really blows, has anyone else been having this problem or have a fix?
    Thanks -- Rick
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    I was having problems receiving SMS for the past week. My friend with a Samsung phone on Sprint was also having intermittent problems. I have found that today things seem largely fixed, but we'll see.

    You may want to contact PDAApps to see if they have any suggestions.

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    These are definately SprintPCS/provisioning problems. Short mail with SPCS is not the most reliable service ever to come out.
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    When I send myself an SMS from the Sprint PCS website I get it immediately. When I send myself an SMS message from my phone I never get it.
    This leads me ot believe the problem is on PDAapps end, but on their site they have a disclaimer that any problems lie with Sprint's servers. I have an e-mail in to PDAapps but haven't received a reply yet.
    -- Rick
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    Originally posted by Maniac8888
    These are definately SprintPCS/provisioning problems. Short mail with SPCS is not the most reliable service ever to come out.

    ... as the largest understatement of the year ...

    Don't go away... nominations still being accepted... LOL ...

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    Originally posted by Maniac8888
    These are definately SprintPCS/provisioning problems. Short mail with SPCS is not the most reliable service ever to come out. the reason for a $350 refund. Dammit Sprint, don't come out with products that your can't support. You or PDAapps, whichever is at fault. At this point neither will tell me, each points to the other.
    -- Rick
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    Don't even talk about it! I've been having the worse experience using Treo300sms. I got my phone about 2 weeks ago (tomorrow) and installed this application about a week ago-it didn't work for the first 2 days and then it worked for a day and a half. Then, suddenly it stopped working again and had been working off and on over the span of a day or so. I did a hard reset twice-deleted the sprint software for hotsync off of my computer and the PDAapps software, reinstalled all the software, selected a different user for the hotsync-hotsync'd again but under new user name (otherwise all of the old software (3rd party software) will reinstall. Reinstalled PDAapps software, did the authenication stuff and tried to send myself an sms-mysteriously, it now works (oh, I forgot-I also called sprint during this process and explained the situation to them and asked them to reprovision my phone-actually I did this first). It's only been a day but it's been working pretty good-I've sent about 10 sms messages and I've gotten all but one which, I did late last night and turned my phone off shortly thereafter-hoping I would get it this morning when I turned the phone on but I didn't-oh well! You may want to try this but it's a pain in the $%^&.
    Also, look at:

    This was me complaining about the problems I was having a few days ago.
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    I forgot to mention that I deleted the PDAapps software off of my system and redownloaded it and then reinstalled it.

    btw-today is the last day of my trial period for it and I've only been able to use it about 4-5 hours total over the course of a week. So now, with one good day, I have to decide whether I want to pay the $20 bucks for it-knowing that it may not work after I pay.
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    Treo300SMS is a very solid application. One of the best behaved applications for the Palm platform there is. Most of the messaging problems people are having is a direct result of Sprints short mail server and/or web interface (which Treo300SMS depends upon) going down or being unreliable. I think PDAapps has had one server outage in the last 4 months.

    Having said that, as will all Palm software, some applications don't "play" well with others; most notably hacks. And, as with all such occurences, start deleting hacks until your core applications work and re-install the hacks.
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    Has Sprint said when they're going to release an update to the pre-installed version of their SMS app? One that will allow two-way communications?

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    i have had all those problems and then some. most of the sprint reps had no idea what to do. i heard that there was a new messaging server that we were being converted to and i also heard that people on 3g were inadvertantly switched to 2g. nobody really did anything. even tier 2. just the same old "trouble ticket" b.s. i suggested reprovisioning my phone. and 2 people (even from tier 2) said that wouldn't help at all since i can browse the web already but just can't recieve text messages. i was insured that it would do no good. then FINALLY i spoke to someone (after a week) who new what the hell he was doing. he suggested reprovisioning the phone as well. i told him that other reps said this would not he;lp at all. he specified reprovisioning not only the vision but ALSO the voice side of my phone. he did that and it is working like a charm now!!! have your phone data AND voice reprovisioned. this should do it. good luck.
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    Originally posted by Llynx

    ... as the largest understatement of the year ...

    Don't go away... nominations still being accepted... LOL ...

    Ain't it the truth and that is how it was certainly meant.
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    The problem is definately with Sprint.

    The Website versus other methods has existed forever.

    Example - I send my self a message over Yahoo SMS doesn't get there for a week.

    Send it via the Sprint website - it comes in seconds.

    Also, I never got many messages sent from someone elses phone via SMS.

    Basically Sprint does not have SMS. They just through some crap together so they would look less sophisticated than GSM
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    I deleted the Treo300SMS software then reinstalled then did all my password stuff and now it works! Should have thought of that before. Now I feel bad for badmouthing PDAapps/Sprint. Thought not too bad because Sprint has crappy servers (unless their new server system they are installing is good) and their customer support is the worst.
    -- Rick
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    For what it's worth, I believe it was a Sprint issue. I have some data to back my belief.

    I have a Treo 300 that is using TREO SMS. I also have a Sanyo 5300. About a week ago, SMS for both became very erratic.

    I called Sprint and (after three calls) discovered that they were having some issues with their SMS notification. The messages were stored on their server, but the actual notification wasn't happening for whatever reason. I validated this by checking my in-box. A few messages were waiting for me.

    Perhaps a newer version of Treo SMS will allow a "pull" session, that is, it will not rely on the alert to do the checking for new short mail.

    Bright side: When I've had text messaging cease to function on other carriers (T-Mobile / Verizon), the messages would never be received. At least Sprint still received the messages.


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