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    When i turn off my treo by closing the lid after just a few moments it turns back on. After the timeout it turns off again and just a few moments later back on (not always though)...

    If i turn it off by pressing the button and then close the lid then in it is ok (almost every time)...

    It's kind of chaotic... Is there anybody else who has this problem or a solution to it ?

    I have an idea that it could be bad contact somewhere between the lid and the main unit or maybe just some third party software, but after a number of experiments i still can't localize the problem :/

    Any idea would be fine....
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    I had a similar problem with my Treo 270 a week ago and it was really frustrating for the 2 days the problem lasted. I tried figuring out what might be causing it to no avail finally I simply hard reset my Treo and reinstalled everything and guess what the problem was gone. Therefore I suggest you do the same.
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    I probably could at least localize the problem by reinstalling one program at a time, but i still hope somebody has done that before...

    Thank you anyway.
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    i doubt that it is a program which is causing the treo to turn on by itself. it is some sort of magnetic disturbance due to lid-shift that simulates the opening of the lid which initiates the treo turn-on. thats my guess. to test it, try turning off your treo and lying it down somewhere still and see if it turns on.
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    I just did experiments with hard reset - and after hard reset i can't get the problem reappear.

    So this is definitely 3rd party software case. Which one? - i still have to figure out. I now reinstall one program at a time to catch the guilty.
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    My Treo used to turn on automatically as well. Installing the GPRS update, which actually updates a number of other things, seemsto have fixedthis.

    I agree it could also be a third party app, and would suggest that applications get installed one at a time so one can see how well they run on the Treo.
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    i have found out the culprit. i experimented and watched my treo with some patience and noticed that the treo only switches itself on (after certain, mysterious time-periods) when the phone is turned on. in the wireless off mode, it never turns on by itself. so my conclusion is that network synchronization, maybe in combination with some other active program or hack simulates the activation of the on switch.
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    sometimes it doesn't harm going through non-180 treo forums. in the 270 forum i read about this same problem and found the answer. its a pending sms message (also if it is a blank message) which turns the treo on occasionally by itself. go into the pending folder of your sms program and make sure its empty and the problem is solved. well, its been half an hour since i deleted a blank message there and my treo didn't turn on since.

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