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    I just a bought a Treo 270 - I used a Palm Vx 2 years ago for a while so I am familiar with Palm OS, but I had a long hiatus in the wilderness, trying different platforms before returning to Palm.

    I would like to hear people's recommendations as to what software I should download and install on my new Treo.

    Thanks in advance.
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    email client: SnapperMail
    Chat: VeriChat or QuickChat
    Calendar: Agendus
    Launcher: Launcher X
    Picture viewer: FireViewer
    Chess game: ChessTiger
    Utility: FileZ

    The above apps can be found at:

    There are tons more apps! You might want to do a quick search here.
    Have fun with your Treo!
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    It depends on how you will use your Treo. I have a lot of contacts for example and I am finding a couple of problems with Agendus (see thread 'Searching in Agendus').

    Agendus is much better than DateBk though.

    I installed a lot of stuff in the first 2 weeks of owning my Treo and have now uninstalled most of it becuase I simply dont use it day to day. You need to really think what you will use the most on a day to day basis . . . . . I would avoid the temptation to load it up with junk just becuase you can.

    My 'additional' software is : -

    Agendus - brilliant (almost)

    Chess Tiger - life saver in the dentist waiting room

    OnlyMe - Basic security . . tried others . . I like this one

    AlbumToGo - Free and great . . not really played with it much but I am keeping it installed for now.

    Wordsmith - extends usibility of the limited Memo software (limited to 4k memos).

    SnapperMail - Great . . but trial expired now . . didnt really use it much becuase I can check emails at work and home so easily.

    I REALLY good thing (if you are able) is to have your mobile network send you free SMS messages whenever you receive an email. In UK I use O2 and have all my office and personal mail auto-forwarded to O2 and I get the first 160 characters of every email as a text message . . and it doesn't cost me.
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    My favorite add on is Handy Shopper. It's a checklist for shopping and it's free. Also very useful for any other checklists, such as stuff to take before you travel.

    Eudora works well for e-mail (also free), and agree with Verichat for IM.
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    Great suggestions!

    Agendus is absolutely great. I had Launcher III, but Launcher X in color is absolutely brilliant!

    If you have any more suggestions, do post!
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    Some other stuff you might want to check out...

    VSAlerts (if you use T-Mobile)

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