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    Does anyone use Google Voice & tried it in conjunction with their Palm OS phone (Centro, Treo 680, etc)? As my Palm OS device does not have WiFi & I currently have no data plan SIM installed, I can't see if even their mobile site will allow me to dial people via GV on the device.

    Google Voice is a relatively new service & so I very much doubt there to be any official apps for the Palm OS platform, but maybe some 3rd-party solutions exist?

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    Once upon a time there were apps, but given how much their API has changed since those days (even as far back as when Grand Central was the name), I doubt any work anymore. Dmitry had one for Grand Central and Boraware had a Google Voice one that was never really finished. Note that these all require a data connection. You can however tell Google Voice to use your cell number so that it'll forward calls to your cell and when you call, will call through Google Voice by forwarding.

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