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    I'm on my third Treo 180 now. First one's speaker went bad one night a few months ago. The new one started doing the same thing on and off a few weeks ago - but not all the time. I called and they agreed to replace it. So today I get the new one. Speaker works fine, but the stylus feels like its going to fall out. Arrrrrgh!!!
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    I know you shouldn't have to pay extra to get a stylus that fits, but I recall reading here that the Palm Tungsten T styli are a good fit for the Treo.
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    Hmmmm might work if it's thicker than the regular Treo one. The one that came with my new unit practically falls right out. The one from the Treo I've got to send back does the same thing, so I'm assuming the hole is oversized.

    The wonderful guy at Handspring that I talked to suggested I put a piece of tape over it so it doesn't fall off. Heh.
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    From having the Treo open, I can say that at the base of the unit there is a little piece of soft rubber that causes enough friction to keep the stylus in the holder. Maybe if you open it up, you can get a better look at why it isn't holding it tight. Maybe you can add something to help increases the friction.
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    tape is cheap and its right next to you...

    clear tape...just one time around should work....

    if that's too loose try 1.5 times around...i found that 2 is too much and one isn't enough.

    you'll never notice it...except for the fact that you're stylus stays in.

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